Reservoir Computer Support

Reservoir Computer Support, LLC was started by Victor Black of Brandon, MS. As the IT Administrator for one of the fastest growing churches in Mississippi, Victor came in contact with numerous businessmen and women needing assistance with their computer networks. In January of 2003, through the encouragement of church leaders and members Victor started RCS part time out of his house. By April, the business was growing so quickly he had to leave his job at Pinelake and pursue the business full time. Since that time, Reservoir Computer Support has continued to grow through word of mouth advertising and participation in the Rankin Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International.

Victor Black

Victor Black did not take the tried and true path to starting a computer company. He was first interested in computers in high school when he took the first computer programming class his school had ever offered. He quickly mastered the BASIC programming language and looked forward to getting a degree in Computer Science. However, Victor ran out of funds in college and had to quit after only 1 and a half years.

He spent the next decade and a half in retail management, running stores as diverse as Lumber yards to shoe stores. Computers continued to be a passion and a hobby until Pinelake Baptist Church gave him the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career. In 2000, Victor became the first IT administrator for this fast growing Baptist Church in Brandon, MS.

In 2003, he started Reservoir Computer Support to help small businesses in the Jackson metro area. Victor was awarded the 2004 Entrepeneur of the Year award for Rankin County, MS. He serves on the Board of Directors and Ambassadors for the Rankin Chamber of Commerce. Victor has been featured in the Rankin Ledger and Rankin Record newspapers.