Discontinuation of Web Service

Since I began Reservoir Computer Support in 2003, it has been my desire to provide the best service possible in a market segment that has been largely ignored by most service providers, the very small local businesses. As I worked with clients, their needs for quality hardware, software, and online services became a concern and I expanded my offerings to include these services as well.

In the past, Reservoir Computer Support was in effect two separate companies, a network administration provider and a online services provider. As the two aspects of the company grew and changed over time, it became apparent that they no longer complemented each other. Dedicating time to one, meant neglecting the other.

With that in mind, Reservoir Computer Support discontinued website/email hosting, website design services and remote data backup services on December 31, 2014.

I realize a disruption in any of these services can be detrimental to business and have done some research as to where you can find comparable services for your business.

Answers to your Questions

Why discontinue providing Website/email hosting?

Reservoir Computer Support has been providing website services for 12 years. So, it is reasonable to wonder why I decided to stop providing these services now. I assure you the decision was not an easy one and much thought went in to the final decision to discontinue web services. There are actually several reasons for making this decision.

1. Managing and maintaining a web server is time consuming and none of that time is billable. The profit margins are not very good so profitability requires many more clients than I have.

2. My web servers experience between 10 and 20 hacker attacks each and every day. To protect my websites from these hackers, I spend time every day making sure the servers are as secure as possible. But if a hack was ever actually successful, I shudder to think what kind of damage it could do to my website as well as the dozens of sites I host.

3. As you may well understand, the technology industry is ever changing and learning is an integral part of this business. However, web services and networking are two very different fields and I cannot effectively stay on top of both.

4. Urgent service calls can disrupt my schedule like nothing else. If a client is having a technical issue that is causing the business to lose money, that issue becomes very urgent in my mind. The problem in today’s business environment is that those kinds of failures are more and more common. Email and/or website failures are often most easily repaired by techs or engineers at the data center (In my case Liquid Web). By shifting my clients to the data center itself, I have eliminated myself as the middleman. After years of working with the engineers at Liquidweb I can attest to their excellent support services and believe that my clients are in great hands with that team of professionals.

Where should I move my website?

I recommend Liquid Web. In my experience they are the best web services provider in the business. Their customer support is second to none. My Web site and email servers are hosted by them and they have always been my most reliable and helpful vendor. Luckily, they not only provide whole web servers, they also provide individual website hosting plans that are comparable to mine.

Of course, you may move to any web host you prefer. I can provide you with easy to follow instructions on how to obtain a backup of your site that can easily be moved to any other web host that uses Cpanel servers (C-Panel servers are one of the most common web servers in the world and all of the larger hosts provide them – including Go Daddy, Blue Host, Host gator, etc).

Click the link below to visit Liquidweb . This link is a referral link. If you are wondering, yes, I will make a little referral fee for you clicking that link and buying a site through Liquid Web. More importantly, though, by buying it through my referral, if you choose to have me move your site for you I will be able to work with Liquid Web on your behalf to make the transition smoother and faster, thus less costly to you.

Will Victor assist in moving my website to a new host?

Of course, I will. How much I will be able to help will depend on where you move your site to. If you choose to move your site to Liquid Web, then I will be able to help from start to finish. If you prefer to move it to a different host, then just make sure they can provide a C-Panel Server and I will also be able to help from start to finish. C-Panel is a web server management tool that comes on Linux webservers and provides quality, secure web hosting and most major web site hosting companies provide C-Panel servers, so it is not hard to find one that does.

f you move your site to a host that does not provide C-Panel, then I will be limited in how much I can assist you in the move but can provide you with the log-in info to the back end of your site that may allow your new host to migrate your site and emails.

Please note, that migration of your site is not part of any support agreement and will be billable. The cost will be based on the time it takes to move your site and will be billed at the rate of $90.00 with no minimum. Most sites migrated to Liquid web will probably take about half an hour. But it depends how much data your site and email are using.

Will my domain name registration need to be transferred as well?

Yes, Your domain registration will need to be transferred as well.

Where should I transfer my domain registration?

You have a couple of options for domain registration.

1. Transfer it with your website. If you move your website to Liquid Web, they will register it for free. That's a pretty good deal. If you don't transfer your hosting to Liquid Web, most hosts provide registration as well, so in any case, you should be able to transfer it with the site.

2. Transfer it to a third party domain registrar. You do not have to register your domain with the same company that hosts your website. Some hosts don't provide registration and even if they do, it is sometimes easier to register it separately. If you decide to use a third party registrar, I would recommend www.hover.com. All domains registered through me are registered with OpenSRS, the domain wholesaler subsidiary of Tucows. Hover.com is the domain reseller subsidiary of Tucows. Thus by moving your registration to them, you are in affect using the same top level registrar, Tucows.

Will I need to re-build my website?

Probably not. If you move your site to a C-Panel host, then you should not need to rebuild it. All the files can be moved easily through the backup and restore functionality of C-Panel.

Why discontinue providing online back-up services?

Reservoir Computer Support has been providing Remote Data Backup for about 7 years. And to be honest with you, I have never been all that excited about it. I began providing the service because of a run of back up issues I saw at clients' offices where backup were not happening or the wrong files were being backup up. I decided to offer it as a service so I could set up my clients more easily.

There are several reasons I have decided to discontinue this service, these are a few of them

1. End Users need to be over-seeing their own backup because only they know exactly what needs backed up

2. The effort necessary to install a backup tool time consuming but not very technically challenging. The average user can install Carbonite and get it working just as well as I can without the cost of my labor.

3. An End User has one or two backups to make sure are happening. It is much easier for a client to monitor their own backup than for me to attempt to manage many backups.

4. If there is a problem with the backup, even I would need to call technical support, and again, this is nothing that an average user would not be able to discuss with them. It is faster and easier to eliminate the middle man and work directly with the backup experts.

5. Backup services have never been profitable and have actually been a financial drain on my company. I cannot continue providing a service that has never been profitable.

Where should I move my back up services to?

I recommend Carbonite. I have recently researched backup providers and in my opinion they are the best in the business. Their plans are pricier than the plans I have had with my current providers, I-Drive and Intronis, but I was considering moving all my business to them until I made the decision to discontinue the backup business completely. Currently all of my company and personal computers are backed up on Carbonite.

Of course, you can move your remote backup business to any provider you would like, but I have found carbonite to be the easiest to install for the average person. You can visit carbonite by clicking this paragraph . Like the link above to Liquid Web, this link is a referral link. And yes, I will make a little referral fee from Carbonite as well. Buying though my referral fee with Carbonite will not help make the installation any easier, but it will make recovery a little smoother down road if we ever have to recover data for your computers.

Will Victor help me switch to carbonite remote Backup?

Yes, if you feel you need or want the help, I am happy to assist you. I feel most of my clients can easily install and configure Carbonite without any assistance from me. If you prefer me to help you, I can either do so remotely or onsite depending on your need. Of course, this will be a billable service and I will want you to be watching me do it because you need to know what’s being backed up and how the backup process works.

What will happen to my old backups?

I am currently using I-Drive and Intronis for all my backup services. Both companies have strict policies about discontinued backup and will ensure that all data is securely destroyed after 30 days of termination.

When will my services end with Reservoir Computer Support?

That depends on the type of agreement you have with us

Annual Domain Registration

- If your domain expires before December 31, 2014, you may renew it with us or go ahead and transfer it to another registrar by your renewal date. It will need to be transferred by its renewal date in 2015.
- If your domain expires after December 31, 2014, you need to transfer it before it expires.
- You can transfer your domain at any time to a new registrar without losing time on your current registration.

Website/Email hosting - Paid Annually or Quarterly

- If your annual hosting account is scheduled to renew before December 31, 2014, you can move it to a new host before that date or we can convert you to a monthly hosting plan for the remainder of the year.
- If your annual hosting plan is scheduled to renew after December 31, 2014, then your account will remain active until that expiration date but will not renew. You will need to have it transferred before that date.

Website/Email hosting - Paid Monthly

- All monthly plans will auto-renew until December 31, 2014. If you transfer to a new account before that time, please let us know and we will cancel your account at that time.
All monthly plans will be discontinued on January 1, 2015.

Remote Data Backups - Paid Annually

- If your remote data backup plan is scheduled to renew before December 31, 2014, you can cancel before that date or we can convert you to a monthly plan for the remainder of the year.
- If your remote data backup plan is scheduled to renew after December 31, 2014, then your account will remain active until that expiration date but will not renew.

Remote Data Backups - Paid Monthly

- All monthly plans will auto-renew until December 31, 2014 unless canceled by the client by the 25th of the previous month.
- All monthly plans will be discontinued on January 1, 2015.