FAQ about Closing

Do you have any referrals for techs we can use?

At this time I do not. I am working on finding some folks to refer and will post here once I find some referrals

What are all my passwords and other information that Victor has always kept up with?

Many of my clients have a list of passwords etc already. Many do not, however. I have many passwords and other information saved on the program I use to manage my business and can copy that info and send it to you. If you need me to send you what I have, let me know. If you have already asked about this, you are already on my list to send it out. Since it will contain a lot of sensitive information, I will come up with a secure way to send it so it may be after July 25th before I get this out to you. If you need something specific before then, let me know.

Can I contact Victor in the future if I have any additional questions?

YES! My cell phone will not change and my email addresses will continue to work for the foreseeable future. I have no problem answering questions and helping you all any way I can. I will have some limited availability to provide remote and even some onsite services if necessary during this transition. But keep in mind that my responses may be slow at times as my ability to communicate will be severely limited during school hours.

What will I do about recurring services such as website hosting, domain registration, remote backup etc.?

Log me In remote access If you are a client that uses Log me in, your service has already been moved to your own account. You need do nothing different.
Carbonite remote data backup Most of my clients that use carbonite have already been moved to their own accounts. These accounts are through my reseller interface, but are direct accounts with carbonite. I will probably maintain my partnership with carbonite long term so nothing really needs changed in these cases. Even if I do drop my partnership with Carbonite, nothing will really change for you, Carbonite will be able to provide all the customer service you will need.
If your backup has not yet been converted to a independent account, we will need to do that. I will send those clients information they need to handle that or I will schedule a visit for me to do so before July 28th.
Website/email hosting Last year I reduced my email and website hosting business considerably. For various reasons I kept a few clients for those services. I am in no hurry to transition those services at this time. I prefer to focus on resolving the network services needs first. Probably in September I will start addressing the transitions of the websites and email services I still host. If you feel the need to make a change sooner than that, let me know.

Will Victor be available on a part time basis after school starts?

possibly, to a limited degree. I am not going to elaborate on what that means since I am not sure yet.